Terms and conditions

The Reef Education Portal is owned and operated by the Commonwealth of Australia as represented by Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (“the Reef Authority”).

The following Terms and Conditions govern your participation in the Program as well as the use of all images, text and data viewed or downloaded by you from the Program. The Dictionary at the end of these Terms and Conditions explains what certain words and phrases used in these Terms and Conditions mean.

By accessing and using the Program, you agree to accept and comply with these Terms and Conditions of Participation and Use.

  1. Images, text and data
    1. By publishing Material on the Program, you warrant that you are the owner of the copyright in the Material.
    2. You agree not to submit Material that is abusive, defamatory, obscene, offensive, discriminatory, insulting illegal or a violation of copyright, intellectual property law or any other laws.
    3. If you submit Material to the Program that contains a photograph, film or voice recording of a person, you warrant that you:
      1. Have obtained the consent of the person (or the person's legal guardian where the person is aged under 18 years) for that photograph, film or voice recording to be taken and for the Reef Authority to publish that photograph, film or voice recording on the Reef Authority’s website, e-newsletter, Facebook page and/or YouTube channel and keep that photograph, film or voice recording for future use in accordance with the Reef Authority’s Privacy Policy,
      2. Have advised the person (or the person’s legal guardian where the person is aged under 18 years) that the Material will be made available to other participants of the Program and may be publically shared by those other participants.
    4. You acknowledge that any Material uploaded by you to the Program (whether in your private or public news feed) may be accessed by other program participants and shared publically by them.
    5. The Reef Authority accepts no responsibility for the completeness or accuracy of the images, text and downloadable data included in the Program.
    6. You consent to your name, organisation, e-mail address and contact phone number being recorded and acknowledge that downloads are monitored and statistics generated by the Reef Authority. You consent to the possibility that the Reef Authority may contact you regarding your use of downloaded Material, text or data. Further information on the Reef Authority’s collection of your personal information can be found in clause 4 of this document.
  2. Participation in the program
    1. You acknowledge and agree that:
      1. Your participation in the Program is voluntary and does not in any way create an employment, contractor, volunteer, agent or other relationship between you and the Reef Authority,
      2. You must be over the age of 18 years to participate as a user of the Program. By proceeding to participate in the Program you confirm that you are over 18 years of age and therefore eligible to participate,
      3. You must only use the Program for lawful and authorised purposes. Your storage, transmission or distribution of any Material in violation of any of the laws of the Commonwealth of Australia or any State or Territory of Australia is prohibited.
    2. You accept responsibility for:
      1. maintaining the confidentiality of any account information including user names, logins, passwords, and security questions and answers that you use to access any page or feature of the Program,
      2. all activities occurring under your accounts, user names, logins, passwords and security questions and answers including that which may result from your negligence, carelessness, misconduct, or failure to use or maintain appropriate security measures, and
      3. Promptly reporting any suspicious or unauthorised conduct concerning your accounts, user names, logins passwords, or security questions and answers to the Reef Authority when you become aware of it.
  3. Copyright in your material
    1. In relation to Material that is a photograph, cinematograph film, sound recording or artistic work that you publish on your private or public news feed through the Program, you grant to the Reef Authority a permanent, irrevocable, royalty-free, world-wide, non-exclusive licence to publish such Material on the Reef Authority’s website, e-newsletter, Facebook page and/or YouTube channel (but note: the Reef Authority is under no obligation to do so).
    2. If you believe that Material available on the Reef Authority Website, or published by the Reef Authority elsewhere, infringes Australian law, you agree to use the takedown request on the Reef Authority Website (www.gbrmpa.gov.au), or to notify the Reef Authority of the purported infringement at the address listed in clause 4.5.
    3. You acknowledge that any Material uploaded by you to the Program may be publically shared by other participants as contemplated by clause 1.4 above. You further acknowledge that the Reef Authority has no control over the public sharing of this Material.
  4. Personal Information
    1. The Reef Authority will collect, use, store and disclose Personal Information contained within the Program in a manner consistent with its obligations under the Privacy Act and the Reef Authority’s Privacy Policy.
    2. The Reef Authority’s Privacy Policy contains information about how you may access and seek correction of your Personal Information and about how you may submit a complaint to the Reef Authority about a breach of the Privacy Act.
    3. By submitting Material to the Reef Authority through the Program, you agree to provide your name, telephone number and email address (‘personal information’). If the Reef Authority decides to publish Material that you have submitted through the Program, it will also publish your name so that you may be attributed as the author. Your email address will be used to verify your identity. We may use your telephone number or email address to contact you if we need to discuss the Material you submit to us.
    4. The Reef Authority will not disclose your personal information to any third party (apart from any disclosure contemplated in these conditions) without your consent, unless otherwise authorised by law. However, the Reef Authority may use your personal information to produce aggregated, de-identified data for statistical purposes and this data may be made publically available. Such data will not allow you to be personally identified in any way.
    5. If the details that you have provided to the Reef Authority change, you agree to notify the Reef Guardian Schools Coordinator so that the Program’s records are kept up to date and accurate by contacting:
      1. Reef Guardian Schools Coordinator

        Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority

        Phone: Townsville Head Office: + 61 7 4750 0700

        Fax: Townsville Head Office: + 61 7 4772 6093

        Postal address: Townsville Head Office 2-68 Flinders Street PO Box 1379 Townsville QLD 4810 AUSTRALIA

        Email: reefguardians@gbrmpa.gov.au

    6. The Reef Authority does not warrant, guarantee or make any representation that:
      1. the software hosting the Program, or the servers that make the site available on the internet are free of software viruses,
      2. the functions contained in any part of the software hosting the Program will operate without interruption or are error-free, and
      3. errors and defects in the Program will be corrected.
    7. You agree that:
      1. you release the Reef Authority and its officers, employees and agents from all liability of any kind for all claims of any kind including, without limitation, claims for personal injury (including death), accident or illness and property loss or damage arising in any way, either directly or indirectly, from or related to your participation in the Program, whether that liability arises from the Reef Authority’s negligence or otherwise,
      2. should you provide any forms, information or Material in any way associated with the Program to any third party such that the third party then participates in any way, either directly or indirectly, in the Program you will inform any third party of these conditions of participation; and will specifically advise any third party that their participation is voluntary and is at their own risk,
      3. you have read this agreement, fully understand its terms and understand that you are giving up your potential rights including any right to sue. 4.8. You acknowledge that you agree to all of these Terms and Conditions freely and voluntarily and intend your acceptance of them and/or your involvement in any way in or with the Program to confirm your provision of a complete and unconditional release of the Reef Authority from all liability, to the greatest extent allowed by law.
  5. Termination or Suspension of access
    1. The Reef Authority may terminate or suspend your access to the Program immediately, without prior notice, for any reason including (without limitation) if you breach these Terms and Conditions. We may immediately deactivate or delete your account and all the related files and information in your account. After your account has been terminated, the content you have posted may also remain indefinitely.
    2. If you would like to terminate your own account, please contact the Program Coordinator at the details listed in clause 4.5.
  6. Alteration of Terms and Conditions 6.1.
    1. The Reef Authority may, at any time, and at the Reef Authority’s absolute discretion, vary these Terms and Conditions by making available a varied copy of these Terms and Conditions on the Program. If you continue to use the Program following a change to the Terms and Conditions you are deemed to have accepted the new Terms and Conditions.
  7. Child Safety
    1. You agree to abide by all relevant domestic legal obligations and frameworks which apply to you and which seek to protect children
  8. Definitions

“Program” means the Reef Education Portal.

“Material” includes photographs, cinematograph films, sound recordings, observations, or artistic works.

“Personal Information” has the meaning provided under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and includes but is not limited to your name, email address and phone number. “Reef Authority” means the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority.