Margaretta High School

Why the school is involved in the Reef Guardian School Portal. The actions that students and teachers are going to take to contribute to saving the Great Barrier Reef.

About the school

Empowering and supporting student success by nurturing unique abilities and passions.

• Success breeds success.
• All students have the opportunities to learn.
• Every student deserves the opportunity to feel successful.
• It is important to help students make informed decisions about their career.
• Margaretta Local School District provides a physical and psychological environment that is safe and welcoming for all.
• Margaretta Local School District provides all students opportunities to explore career options and experiences. • Technology should be incorporated into all grade levels and subjects.
• Margaretta is a close-knit community that supports the school district. Generations choose to live and stay in the community.
• Educators must work collaboratively to analyze student data and make the best decisions based on that data to meet the needs of the individual student.

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High School, years 9 to 12
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Margaretta High School

209 Lowell street
Castalia, OH 44824
United States