Join us for a free virtual event to celebrate World Oceans Day.

World Oceans Day – 8 June- FREE - Introduction to the Great Barrier Reef virtual learning experience.

In recognition of World Oceans Day, were shining the spotlight on the world’s largest coral reef ecosystem. Learn about corals as the building blocks of the Great Barrier Reef and the roles that various organisms play within the Reef community. Gain an understanding of the importance of various relationships between organisms such as corals and their symbiotic algae, and anemones and anemonefish. Explore the simple actions that you can take regardless of where you live, to help protect the Great Barrier Reef and the animals that call it home.

• Thursday 8 June, commencing 8:00 am (AEST): Register for this session

• Thursday 8 June, commencing 11:00 am (AEST): Register for this session

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