Join the 2024 Global Reef Guardian School Eco-challenge

Join the 2024 Global Reef Guardian School Eco-challenge

7 June 2024

Schools around the world are invited to join the 2024 Reef Guardian School Global Eco-challenge. This year’s Eco-challenge is linked to this year's Australian National Science Week theme, 'Species Survival - More than just sustainability' and allows students to think outside the box to encourage conservation efforts using gamification.

Teachers- find out how you can incorporate the Global Eco-challenge into your classroom using our teaching resource guide, available to download at…

The Eco-challenge is suited to students in grades 4-12 but it can be modified to suit any age range. Students can work individually or in teams of up to four people.

To register for the 2024 Reef Guardian Schools Global Eco-challenge and receive the participant guide with the challenge details please use our MS Forms link:…

Submissions close on Friday 8 November 2024.