FREE - virtual connections with the Research Vessel Investigator

We're excited to have scheduled two virtual connections with the RV Investigator on Wednesday 22 February, where Reef Guardian School teacher, Joline Lalime, will give us a tour of the vessel and introduce us to some of the researchers and the studies they’re undertaking.
Session 1: (primary schools) - Wednesday 22 February, commencing 9:00am (QLD time)
Session 2: (secondary schools) – Wednesday 22 February, commencing 12 noon (QLD time)

If you would like to join one of these connections, please email and let us know which session you’re interested in, along with the following important details:

1. School Name & Location
2. School Year of Class(es)
3. Number of Students (approximate)
4. Unit(s) of work your students are doing in Term 1

For more information about the expedition and outreach opportunities, see:…

Other ways you can follow the expedition online include:
@SEA2SCHOOLAU Facebook TikTok
Voyage Page:
@CANYONS_voyage on Twitter Facebook Spotify
MNF RV Investigator LiveStream

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