2023 Student Eco Challenge

2023 Student Eco Challenge

26 July 2023

The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority is calling for motivated and inspired school students to join us in this year’s Reef Guardian School Eco Challenge.

Recent research has identified 100 Jobs of the Future that are likely to be created in the next few years. In 2023, the aim of the challenge is for students to select a future job profile and showcase how they could apply their future skillset towards managing and protecting the health and longevity of the Reef.

The Reef 2050 Plan has outlined the '5 Priorities for Action' that need to be taken to help the Reef survive and thrive. Students will research one key threat facing the Reef and use their “future expertise” to develop a plan to educate the public to take action.

The challenge calls for students to work as individuals or in teams of 2 to 4 to prepare their plan of action using a poster, a power point, a computer-aided design, or prototype/physical model.

To be in with the chance to win an incursion experience delivered by the Reef Education team, students will need to upload their proposal to their school’s social media page and email the link to reefguardians@gbrmpa.gov.au before 4pm on Friday 20 October 2023.

Get started and register your students/teams today: https://forms.office.com/r/Ljt1httd3j. Upon registration you will receive a Teaching & Resource Guide with further information.

The Reef Guardian School Eco Challenge is free to participate and managed by the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority through the Reef Guardian School program. For further information or enquiries email reefguardians@gbrmpa.gov.au.