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Monday 23 May, commencing 11:00am (AEST)
In celebration of World Turtle Day, 2022, join our marine educators to learn about the biology, adaptations and life-cycle of marine turtles. Using examples from the Reef HQ Aquarium Turtle Hospital, we will look at a variety of human impacts (including marine debris) and what is being done to address these threats and protect marine turtle populations.

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See it. Report it. Share it.

You may be chillin' with friends and family these Easter holidays, but it's important not to relax while out on the water and remain responsible to protect marine life.

Do not feed fish, turtles or other marine life;
Do not throw scraps overboard; and
Never interfere with natural events.

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Reef Health update – 8 April 2022

Despite the fact that summer is now over a month behind us, the coral bleaching event, and our understanding of it, are still unfolding. The Reef Authority is working with partners to prioritise a sub-set of reefs for ongoing in-water surveys. These are providing more detailed information about bleaching intensity, mortality and the depth range of bleaching impacts. As with every summer, the final outcome of this bleaching event in terms of mortality will only be known after the next round of surveys from the Australian Institute of Marine Science’s Long-term Monitoring Program.