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Exploring Wetlands


Wetlands are amazing and complex waterways that occur in many different sizes and forms.

Wetlands are land areas either temporarily or permanently covered by water and can be either natural or artificial with water that is still or flowing, fresh, brackish (slightly salty) or salty. This includes marine water which is no more than six metres deep at low tide.

During this web quest you are not only going to investigate:

  • How water travels through the environment;
  • The different ways humans use water;
  • Why wetlands are important; and
  • What you can do to help preserve and conserve your local wetlands.


You are also going to go on a "virtual field trip" to a wetland and test its water quality at different locations, using some cool scientific equipment!

To start "Exploring Wetlands" click on the picture of Didgeridoo Lagoon below.


Didgeridoo Lagoon
A still water wetland that is linked to the Great Barrier Reef