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Welcome to Reef ED's Weblinks section. This section is a compilation of websites relevant to the content found throughout this site.

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Dive in and find extra information about nature's treasures in the ocean.

External Links

ABC Online

Australian Institute of Marine Science

Australian Oceanographic Data Centre




Coral Reefs

CRC Reef Research Centre

Discovery channel - Creatures of the Deep

Environment Australia

Fascinating facts about fish

Fish Web

Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority

Islands & Seagrass


Marine and Coastal Community Network

Marine Creatures

Marine Education Society of Australia

Marine Teachers Association

Marine Watch

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Ocean Watch

Ocean Watch

Plant Conservation

Project AWARE Foundation - dive industry environmental organisation

Reef Education Network

Reef HQ



Smithsonians Institute Ocean Planet Links

The Coral Reef alliance

Threatened Species Network


Turtles - Euro Turtle

Wetland Care

Whales Online